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How To Maintain Your Painting Equipment


How To Maintain Your Painting Equipment

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, your tools are the lifeblood of your work. When it comes to painting, the tools are what make the painter. Not only does taking care of your tools mean spending less money on replacements, but having well-maintained tools will ensure that the job you do is of a higher quality. Here we’ll take a look at how to maintain your painting equipment so that you don’t have to get replacements after every job.


Keeping your paintbrushes in tip-top shape is all about getting the excess paint out of the brush once you finish with it. While you’re painting, do your best to keep paint from leaking down into the ferrule, as this can cause the bristles to splay out and become damaged. After a project, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse the brush in either water for acrylic-based paint or turpentine and then soapy water for oil-based paints. Make sure you also scrape out any remaining paint against the side of the bucket after rinsing, and hang brushes by their handles—don’t leave them bristle-down in water unless you want to warp them permanently.

Paint Rollers

Rollers have very similar maintenance to your brushes; however, there are a few tools that can make the job much easier. Roller rings and a roller cleaner hose attachment can be extremely useful in getting all the paint out of the roller. When the roller is clean, be sure to hang it up by the hole at the end of the handle or at least place it on its end. This method will help you avoid a flat spot from forming on the surface of your roller.


If you have heavy-duty paint bins that you plan to reuse, the best way to clean them is to first empty the remaining paint into the paint can. You may feel tempted to try washing out the bin afterward, but this is actually not the ideal way to clean it. You are better off letting that thin layer of paint dry completely before scraping off the paint later.

Once you know how to maintain your painting equipment, you won’t have to continually, unnecessarily replace these items. If you don’t get complacent, your tools will last you a long time. Bedrock Supplies is proud to provide you with the best painting contractor supplies around. Don’t be afraid to give us a call with any questions you might have.

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